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          The Pendulum Charts: by Dale W. Olson

     • Immune System Analysis: Coronavirus

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[Click here for your free downloadable Pendulum Charts: Immune Analysis • Immune Boosting Solutions eCharts.pdf ]

If you are a beginner at using a pendulum or the Pendulum Charts, we would highly suggest reading: The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing, or The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book, or Knowing Your Intuitive Mind, and working with The Pendulum Charts I.  For the more advanced we would suggest The PendulumCharts II: The Intuitive Healers Manual.
As I always say, your answers are only going to be as good as your questions. Knowing how to form and flow your questions is truly the art and science of accurate intuitive pendulum work.
Follow the question format at the top of the charts, keeping your questions positive, consistently precise, and in present time.

We have included charts: Immune Protocol: Solutions P2, P3 charts that are not the normal half radius format, but rather in a list format.  For some of you this is an easy transition, and for some, it will take a bit of getting use to.  It's a matter of using a pointer, i.e. pencil or chopstick and going down the list and pointing at each item holding for a Yes/No intuitive answer with each question.  Again, use the questions at the top of the page for forming and flowing your questions.  With any intuitive Yes answer, stop and measure in percentage _%_ to what degree it is true or appropriate for your highest and greatest good. (see Percentage Yes/No Chart)

[Click here for your free downloadable Pendulum Charts: Immune Analysis •Immune Boosting Solutions eCharts.pdf ]

These pendulum charts are for education, information only and not to be used as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease…these pendulum charts do not replace health care from medical/psychological professionals.  The author and publisher accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information contained in these pendulum charts…use these charts wisely!

                 © 2020 all rights reserved: Dale W. Olson

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