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The Pendulum Charts volume II

The Intuitive Healer's Manual

by Dale W. Olson

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The Pendulum Charts Volume II:

The Intuitive Healer's Manual

by Dale W. Olson

• Laminated Cover, Spiral Coil Bound •
• 144 Charts plus 5 Bonus Pendulum Charts •
• Quality cover stock pendulum charts • Full Size: 8.5 x 11" •

The Pendulum Charts Volume 2 The Intuitive Healer’s Manual is a pendulum dowsing divination chart system that opens the way for you to bridge the gap between your mind and your intuition.  Learn how to use a pendulum, how to use pendulum charts, and do intuitive readings to accurately answer questions with intuitive health solutions, relationships, pets, money, career, location, business…

Learn how to develop your intuitive skills for everyday decision making and intuitive problem solving solutions life’s challenges.

We all have the ability to consciously experience our intuition. Our intuition allows us access to infinite information, knowledge, and wisdom. The part of our brain where the intuition resides does not have a language as we are accustomed to.  Learning and developing intuitive pendulum dowsing skills will establish the communications lines between our mind and our intuition.

A pendulum is nothing more than a tool that provides a language bridge between our mind and our intuition. Learning how to use a pendulum is like learning any other skill. Successful use of a pendulum is a matter of establishing a clear, precise, and consistent language between the two parts of your brain. This is much easier than it sounds, and like any other skill, taking only time and practice.

Knowing how to form and flow your questions is truly the art and science of getting accurate answers. Your answers will Only be as good as your questions. The pendulum charts are an extraordinary help with keeping your questions clear, precise, consistent, and neutral. Most importantly, the pendulum charts are of incredible value with it's volumes of information, knowledge, and wisdom on every chart. This will allow you to ask questions and receive intuitive solutions that you may not have thought of otherwise.

The pendulum charts is a divination system that will help guide you on a journey of self discovery through all parts of your life that may be in question.

The Pendulum Charts volume 2 The Intuitive Healer’s Manual is for the advanced student, professional healer, teacher, therapist, or physician to do intuitive readings to find the cause and intuitive solutions for the dis-ease, dis-order, or im-balance. Use intuitive problem solving for health solutions; relationships issues or compatibility; pets health; money issues; career or location change; business decisions…

Allow your intuition to bring forth intuitive answers and intuitive solutions to help you and others make better choices and decisions…addresses all of life’s challenges, issues, causes, and solutions for the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.


Choose the right: foods, remedies, vitamins, minerals, diet, nutritional supplements, amino acids, tissue salts, adaptogens, anti-oxidants, enzymes, flower essences, herbs, house, car, career, partner...

The probability of success for personal, career, business or consumer decisions, lost object, water, gold, land, house, locations, directions...

Determine: allergies, origin of dis-ease/dysfunction, relationship compatibility, personal motivators, what is going on, who is involved, what am I telling myself, how to change my life, healing remedies, source of condition, chakras, health and well-being... Body, mind, spirit, plant/soil, house inventory, automobile diagnosis, business decisions... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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There are over 1000 books, channeling, and the very best
of current information that has gone into these charts.

1st Edition with 108 charts: printing June 2011...Out of Print!

Blessings of expanded Insight, Consciousness, Inspiration, Love, and Well-Being.
Dale W. Olson


Table of Contents
1_ Master Chart I Chart
2_ Master Chart II Chart
3_ Alphabet • Numerical Chart
4_ Yes/No • Percentage • Pendulum Language Chart
5_ Quantity Factor Chart
6_ Time Factor Chart
7_ Chakra Measurement Chart
8_ Stress Level Measurement Chart

~~ Physical Body: Parts-Organs-Systems: Causes ~~ • Page TOC/Questions •

9_ Condition: Chart
10_ Source of Condition Chart
11_ Chakra Body: Organs-Systems Chart
12_ Systems of the Body Chart
13_ Body: Organs-Systems I Charts
14_ Body:Organs-Systems II Charts
15_ Hormone-Glandular Endocrine System I Charts
16_ Hormone-Glandular Endocrine System II Charts
17_ Upper Chakra: Physical Imbalances Chart
18_ Lower Chakra: Physical Imbalances Chart
19_ Upper Chakra: Mental-Emotional Imbalances Chart
20_ Lower Chakra: Mental-Emotional Imbalances Chart
21_ Brain-Nervous System Chart
22_ Spine-Nervous System Chart
23_ Spine Organs System: Emotions Imbalance I Charts
24_ Spine Organs System: Emotions Imbalance II Charts
25_ Circulatory System: Heart-Blood Chart
26_ Circulatory System: Arteries-Veins Chart
27_ Respiratory-Sinus System Chart
28_ Lymphatic System Chart
29_ Teeth-Mouth System Chart
30_ Digestive System Chart
31_ Urinary System Chart
32_ Reproductive System Chart
33_ Skeletal System Chart
34_ Spinal System Chart
35_ Muscular System I Charts
36_ Muscular System II Charts
37_ Eyes Visual System Chart
38_ Ears Hearing System Chart
39_ Infections Virus Bacteria Chart
40_ Parasites Chart
41_ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chart
42_ Compromised Immune System: Cause Chart
43_ Nutrition Food Allergies Chart
44_ Allergies: Adverse Effects Chart
45_ Allergy Products Chart
46_ Allergy Check List Chart
47_ Addictions Chart
48_ Addictions: Cause Chart
49_ Weight Management: Physical-Energetic Chart
50_ Weight Management: Mental-Emotional Chart
51_ Hormone Imbalance Test: Men Chart
52_ Hormone Imbalance: Men Chart
53_ Hormone Imbalance Test: Women Chart
54_ Hormone Imbalance: Women Chart
55_ Metals-Metal Toxicity Chart
56_ Headache-Migraines Triggers Chart
57_ Stress Level Symptoms Chart
58_ Stress Level Cause Chart
59_ Post Traumatic Stress PTSD Chart
60_ Stress Burnout Symptoms Chart
61_ Anxiety Symptoms-Causes Chart
62_ Depression Symptoms-Causes Chart

~~ Healing Solutions: Remedies-Therapies ~~ • Page TOC/Questions •

63_ Healing Solutions Chart
64_ Healing Remedies Chart
65_ Immune System Solutions Chart
66_ Stress Solutions Chart
67_ Stress-Anxiety-Depression: Flower Essence • Essential Oils • Homeopathics Chart
68_ Stress-Anxiety-Depression: Diet • Vitamins • Minerals • Herbs Chart
69_ Anxiety-Depression Solutions External Chart
70_ Anxiety-Depression Solutions Internal Chart
71_ Hormone Solutions: Men Chart
72_ Hormone Solutions: Women Chart
73_ Addictions Solutions Chart
74_ Headaches-Migraines Solutions Chart
75_ Weight Management Solutions: External Chart
76_ Weight Management Solutions: Internal Chart
77_ Cancer Prevention Chart
78_ Cancer Reversal Healing Chart
79_ Vitamins Chart Chart
80_ Essential & Trace Minerals Chart
81_ Enzymes • Digestion Chart
82_ Food Supplements Chart
83_ Amino Acids Chart
84_ Tissue Salts Chart
85_ Adaptogens Chart
86_ Anti-Oxidants • Oxygenating Supplements Chart
87_ Chakra: Flower Essence • Essential Oils Chart
88_ Medication Compatibility Chart
89_ Flower Essence I Charts
90_ Flower Essence II Charts
91_ Essential Oils Blends Chart
92_ Essential Oils Chart
93_ Herbal Remedies I Charts
94_ Herbal Remedies II Charts
95_ Herbal Remedies III Charts
96_ Chinese Herbal Remedies Chart
97_ Homeopathic I Charts
98_ Homeopathic II Charts
99_ Chakra: Color • Sound Chart
100_ Light • Color • Sound Chart
101_ Spine Solutions Chart
102_ Meridians: Balanced Emotions Chart
103_ Crystal Gemstones I Charts
104_ Crystal Gemstones II Charts
105_ Chakra Balance: Base-Navel-Solar Plexus Chart
106_ Chakra Balance: Heart-Throat-Brow Chart
107_ Chakra Balance:Crown-9th Chart
108_ Chakra Balance: 10-14: Chart
109_ Chakra Crystal & Gemstones Chart
110_ Chakra Solutions: Earth Star-7th Chart
111_ Chakra Affirmations Chart
112_ Chakra Life Solutions Chart
113_ Heart: Solutions Chart
114_ Liver Solutions Chart
115_ Pancreas Solutions Chart
116_ Colon Solutions Chart
117_ Thyroid: Symptoms-Cause-Solutions Chart
118_ Health: Limiting Beliefs~Solutions Chart

~~ Analysis-Solutions: Mental-Emotional-Energetic-Spiritual ~~ • Page TOC/Questions •

119_ Relationship: Limiting Beliefs~Solutions Chart
120_ Relationship Types~Compatibility Chart
121_ Relationship Solutions I Charts
121_ Relationship Solutions II Charts
122_ Relationship Issues~Challenges Chart
123_ Who Is Involved Chart
124_ Family Lineage Chart
125_ Creating Physical Manifestation: Goal~Solutions Chart
126_ Limiting Beliefs~Solutions Chart
127_ Personal Motivators Chart
128_ What Is Going On: Mental-Emotional Body Chart
129_ Solutions: Patterns-Blocks-Trauma Imprints Chart
130_ Unresolved Patterns-Blocks-Trauma Imprints Chart
131_ Self Esteem: Limiting Beliefs~Solutions Chart
132_ What I Am Telling Myself~Limiting Beliefs Chart
133_ Spiritual~Energetic Influence Chart
134_ Spiritual: False Beliefs~Solutions Chart
135_ Money Issues: False Beliefs~Patterns Chart
136_ Money Issues: Cause Chart
137_ Money Healing Program I Charts
138_ Money Healing Program II Charts
139_ Money Solutions Chart
140_ Business Decisions: Analysis~Solutions Chart
141_ How To Change My Life: Solutions I Charts
142_ How To Change My Life: Solutions II Charts
143_ Plant • Soil Chart Chart
144_ Animal Healing & Telecommunications Chart
145_ Automobile Diagnosis Chart
146_ House Inventory Chart
147_ Directions • Degrees • Distance Chart
148_ Blank Chart

The Pendulum Charts Volume 2: The Intuitive Healers Manual
Expanded and Revised Edition with 144+ 5 Bonus Charts.
Alert ***(All International and Domestic orders for The Pendulum Charts Volume 2 needs to be shipped in USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box). *** 
We Only charge the USPS shipping rate plus $3.00 to process, package, and ship your order.
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