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                Rose Quartz Faceted Crystal

      Rose Gold Dome Divination Pendulum Ccc

A stunning Rose Quartz Faceted Crystal with Rose Gold Chamber* Dome top.

This Rose Quartz Faceted Crystal point is a little more than 2” (+/-) inches long with a diameter of more than 5/8” inch wide, with a weight of 15 grams. 

Quality 5+1/4“ Rose Gold Curb Chain with a Rose Quartz Crystal end bead.

      Exceptional quality, good weight, great feel, fine balance and performance.
               Beautifully made with the finest USA quality craftsmanship.

 SS: Stainless Steel is a neutral in frequency metal…energetically reflects negativity and stays shiny and bright forever.

*Witness Chamber = a pendulum with an internal chamber to hold a sample of that which you are seeking to find, or a small piece of paper with a sacred symbol, a blessing, essential oil, sacred water...

Don’t forget a pendulum pouch to keep your pendulum from getting broken or lost

All of our pendulums are cleansed, cleared, and energized with love, expanded consciousness, inspired insight, and well-being.

See the pendulum instruction books below to learn how to use a pendulum from beginning to mastery levels.
Knowing how to choose, cleanse, clear, and energize your pendulum is an important part for optimum performance.


See: Knowing Your Intuitive Mind | Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing | Pendulum Instruction Charts Book

PC1: Knowing Your Intuitive Mind Pendulum Charts

PC2 The Intuitive Healers Manual Pendulum Charts

     We are here to assist in your intuitive skills success.
                         the getIntuitive Team!

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