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Note from the Author

I am often asked how I became involved with the development of intuitive skills. Over 30 years ago, I found myself entangled in the trials of life. Feeling confused and not knowing the "how to", and the "where to from here", I felt compelled to consult a very wise, elderly "psychic," Johanna Keller. One day, after having had several enlightening sessions with her, she turned to me and said, "Dale, you don't need to come to me for the answers, for you already have all the answers within you." Of course, I had heard this dozens of times before in numerous teachings that I had found in books and tapes. Nonetheless, the same old questions popped up in my mind, "Yes, but how do you get to that information," or "How do you know when you know?" At that moment, Johanna said, "Dale, I'm going to give you two tools to help you find the answers for yourself; the Pendulum and a three-card method for verification." This was the beginning of my work which would involve creating the space in which the intuitive knowing could come to the conscious state. Through these techniques I would learn how to externalize the Intuition beyond my subconscious mind. I was starting at the elementary level, yet for the first time I was able to open the lines of communication and have direct, conscious connection between the self that I was aware of and the Intuition that seemed so intangible. In the years that followed, these techniques and others proved to be a very precise and accurate means which would help me to bring the light to that which had been unknown.

One of the highlights of my intuitive development occurred over 16 years ago in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. The Bohemia Mining District within the Umpqua National Forest, has been my home away from home and is nature at it's best. It is also rich in gold mining history and lore dating back to the Gold Rush era of the mid 1800's. My journey there laced together many lessons and adventures.

Years ago I headed into these mountains with nothing more than desire, a set of dowsing rods, a pendulum, and a belief that I would find gold. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about prospecting, mineralogy, geology, mining or anything else of the sort. I set out to see what I could do with my intuitive abilities. To shorten a long story, by the end of that summer I had established two hard-rock mining claims and seven placer mining claims amounting to approximately 180 acres of mining operations. I had located both nugget gold in the river beds and also gold-bearing quartz veins. I had also learned a great deal about prospecting, mineralogy, mining, and geology. My dreams had helped to generate the idea of prospecting, mining and the general area where it should begin. The dowsing rods showed me the "where" and the pendulum assisted me in finding the specific area, depth, the exact place to start digging, and the potential amount of gold-bearing ore. I added persistence, determination, and trust to the tools I was using to help me find my way. In doing so, my success proved that we can use our Intuition to find something of which we have had no prior knowledge. I also proved that we are able to fine-tune our capacities to detect the subtle energies of metals such as gold and silver that may be 50' to 150' below the surface of the ground. Now that thought is quite mind-expanding! My desire for an adventure had been fulfilled, and most important, I found that I could successfully use my intuitive capacities to find gold.

During my adventure I learned significant lessons about illusion and visions of grandeur. The incredibly hard work of mining helped to put the deluding effects of "gold fever" into proper perspective. I never knew there could be so many forms of iron pyrite (fools gold). As they say, "All that glitters is not gold;" a very valuable lesson to keep in mind when making choices that will have long range impacts on one's life. I did end up with assay reports indicating beyond any question of a doubt that I had found gold and silver-bearing ore of valid proportions. However, these reports indicated a grade of ore not high enough to warrant the exorbitant cost of setting up a mining and milling operation. Thus, such an operation would be financially impractical. At that time, my desire said to go for further exploration, but my Intuition was telling me to stop. In reality this great adventure was one of the most dangerous things I could be doing with my life: working with high explosives, close calls with cave-ins, breathing in quartz dust (which is worse than asbestos), and other dangers were large stop signs in the road. My choice was to end the mining operation.

It took a great deal of strength to put aside my invested interest, desire, and visions of grandeur to listen to that small inner voice of my Intuition saying, "That was a great adventure that you will never forget, and you found what you were looking for. Now it's time to get on with your life's work and mining for a living is not part of it." I trusted that information, realizing that the Intuition was a good indicator that I was getting away from my life's chosen direction for too long, and that I was subjecting myself to risks that were not for my highest and greatest benefit.

I did not fulfill my visions of grandeur or reap great financial riches; nonetheless, it was a rewarding period in the development of my Intuition and I will always have fond memories of a grand adventure that made the whole experience very rich. This experience had given me practice, confidence and trust in developing my intuitive skills which I could now apply to all aspects of my life.

I came out of the mountains and began to work in other realms using my Intuition as a guide. My advanced work with the Intuition as it pertains to the health care profession has been inspired by training with Doctors Rudy Zupancic, Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, and Marcel Vogel. After working with Rudy Zupancic for years in his healing practice, I learned that effective healing takes highly developed communications with both the Intuition as well as the patient in order to access the source or cause of the symptoms, dis-ease, or dis-order.

From Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, I learned that it is possible to analyze and treat an individual with a dis-order or dis-ease at a distance.

Dr. Marcel Vogel was truly one of the great scientists, inventors and teachers of our times. His work is reflected throughout the content of this book. The keys he taught include proper use of breath, keeping an open heart and mind as well as a positive mental-emotional model for the joy of living, health and well-being.

After having spent years working with and duplicating their results, I have learned how to use the pendulum and dowsing rods for advanced forms of multidimensional analysis of the human body.

Within every human being there is an innate knowledge of everything that is going on. This includes a complete analysis of the vitamin and mineral content, deficiencies of any kind, and the exact location and source of all dis-ease. Whether the questioning is of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature, it is only a matter of making the information available to the conscious mind. All information about ourselves is available to us when we learn the art of "fine tuning" through the development of our bridge to the Intuition.

Doctors Zupancic, Bhattacharyya, Vogel, myself and many others agree that there are four main facets to the human "being:" physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These aspects can be accurately and completely accessed through the Intuition. The magnitude of this work is incredible, and it is definitely worth one's time and determination to become proficient in developing the expanded skills of the mind, the Intuition. Through the development of the Intuition, you will find a tenfold increase in the quality of your life, resulting in greater fulfillment of your mind's potential and an increase in your personal awareness and self-worth. A developed Intuition can save time and money, and may prevent many of the unnecessary tribulations suffered by those who choose the trial-and-error approach to life. This savings in time and accuracy in problem-solving allows for an increase in your health, wealth, total well-being and the pursuit of your dreams.


We are now in a new age of great technological innovation, and also a time of many consciously aware individuals. Our lives are filled with numbers of daily choices and decisions which will have an impact on all of our futures. If we make our choices and decisions only from our well-developed intellect or the five physical senses, then we are limiting our judgment to basically a trial-and-error, or guessing approach to life. However, by using the Intuition, we may rise above the trial-and-error approach by acknowledging the pool of infinite knowledge. All we need to do is learn the skills to accurately bridge the connection between the mind and the Intuition.

Our Intuition is the liaison, or doorway, to the Infinite Intelligence. It is through this intermediary that we may draw upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence. It alone contains the secret process by which mental impulses are modified and changed into their spiritual or etheric equivalent. It is the medium through which thought may be directed into prayer, and prayer may be transmitted to the source capable of answering prayer.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, marketing is more concerned with making sales than in pointing to the actual quality or integrity of a new product or service. The labels on products cannot possibly disclose all the information that we, as the consumers, may need to know. The lack of information, or even misinformation, on some products could cost a person his health, and possibly, his life. We can no longer depend only on our rational minds to make the correct decisions when there are so many unknowns concerning these products or services. This "buyer beware" market of both goods and services has made it a necessity to develop a functional Intuition that can accurately and effectively communicate to us what is, and what is not, for our highest and greatest good. It is now a necessity to develop our intuitive abilities in a practical and tangible sense in order to avoid poor choices which could cost us time, money, health, and a decline in the quality of life.

It is no longer necessary to feel the stress that comes from not knowing whether the product that we hold in our hands is toxic, allergenic, ineffective, mildly useful, good, or highly beneficial. Learning how to externalize the Intuition, and being in conscious communication with the Intuition, can raise us above the trial-and-error (guessing) approach to life. The first step is to acknowledge the pool of infinite knowledge available to all of us, and then to learn the skills necessary to accurately access this part of ourselves, the Intuition.

Anyone with proper training, who has a fairly good ability to concentrate and who has reasonable control over his emotional and mental stability, can use the pendulum. With the expanded abilities we can become quite accurate within a relatively short period of time. Remember, we are all born with these abilities of knowing and they manifest in different forms, levels, and degrees. It is a natural ability that we can develop like any other skill, taking only time and practice to acquire. When we develop the bridge to the Intuition, we learn how to use our mind's great potential to its fullest extent.

Many of you reading this book may, or may not, have had experience in using the pendulum as a tool to consciously access your Intuition. Others of you may already use a pendulum. There is always room for more knowledge and understanding in order to obtain effective and accurate results. It may be helpful for you to disregard some of what you thought you knew about the pendulum and be open to developing a new or different approach to this tool of the Intuition.

An individual's ability to do effective pendulum work may initially vary dramatically. Consequently, we will begin by establishing a fundamental pendulum or dowsing form. For the advanced student, please bear with some of the elementary dialogue. You may also benefit from a new approach to ancient techniques and reminders of methods with which you may already be familiar.

This book contains some general principles designed to promote your personal growth as well as specific techniques to enhance your intuitive work. I would like to assure you that your Intuition works perfectly right now. There is nothing that I, or anyone else, can present to you that will "make it work better." However, by learning good pendulum form, by doing this program and the exercises involved, you will develop your ability to identify, value, and trust your Intuition. With practice, you will be able to make the connection and effectively access your Intuition and grow beyond a 'hit or miss' or 'trial and error' approach to life.

It is my joy to assist you in developing good pendulum form and teach you how to apply the skill of the Intuition to everyday decision-making and problem-solving. My greatest desire is that this book will assist you in creating a limitless bridge to your Intuition and to increase your quality of life ten-fold.

The Science and Art of the Pendulum

Tools for the Intuition, including the pendulum, go back to 8000 B.C., and were used by the Hebrews, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Druids, Hindus, Peruvians, and the American Indians. Even Moses was a skilled dowser, and in the Bible, there are several references to Moses being a "water wizard," which means that he was able to find water for the masses by means of a dowsing staff. The Egyptians were also known for using dowsing rods and pendulums, not only for finding water and gold, but also for divination. The Chinese would call for a Radiesthesist, a person adept at using a pendulum or other tools, for sensing the unseen energies around the potential building sites in order to detect, what they called, "The Claw of the Dragon." These correspond to what we now call the harmful rays of a positive-charge vortex or positive-charge ley lines.

Dowsing is the art of using a tool (such as a pendulum or dowsing rod) to access the Intuition and gather information not directly available to the rational thinking part of our conscious mind. It is the coupling of skills used by the intellectual mind to access the Intuition. Dowsing can be accomplished while physically present on site or from a distance about a particular site. This same process can be done with people.

Radiesthesia is defined as the detecting and measuring of an entire spectrum of radiation that may eminate from mineral, plant, animal, or human. 'Divining' includes the art of dowsing and radiesthesia. It speaks to the possibility of knowing beyond the limitations of one's five physical senses, including the sensing of future results or events, with or without the use of a device, cards, or symbols. The goal of dowsing, historically and presently, is to access information not available to our conscious minds from our Intuition through the use of specific tools.

Dowsing is a serious matter, a spiritual matter, and is not to be taken lightly. Obviously, when you are first beginning to dowse, you may not know if your interest will wane, or whether you will continue to dowse as a hobby, or perhaps become a service to others. Whether your desire is to dowse for yourself or to extend your dowsing abilities to include helping others, it is imperative to preface your dowsing work with an affirmation such as, "Infinite, allow only that which is for the highest and greatest good and well-being for all concerned to prevail."

As you evolve and become more experienced in dowsing, you may desire to increase your effectiveness and accuracy. You may strive to become more clear and whole. In this way, you may become a channel for the greatest good and benefit. This can only be accomplished by committing to advance in this skill, by learning self- mastery techniques, and by gaining dowsing experience through practice (and more practice). For you to become a successful pendulist or dowser, you will need to learn to develop accurate, consistent, precise communication with your Intuition. You will need to learn about the basic dowsing tool, the pendulum and how to invite your Intuition and the pendulum to interact skillfully. You will need to learn about the basic dowsing tool ­the pendulum ­and how to invite your Intuition and the pendulum to interact skillfully.

The Brain-The Intuition

Dowsing is a way of relating to the earth and the cosmos. It is a way of using the full potential of the brain. We in western society have been conditioned to rely on the rational or left part of the brain almost to the exclusion of the right, or creative/intuitive side of the brain. What this means for most of us is that our lives are filled with goal-oriented, action-oriented, linear, logical, verbal thinking at the expense of our imagination, creativity, and receptivity. Logical/rational thought has become so dominant in our society that it is hard to believe that in some cultures people are strongly encouraged to look to the Intuition for the answers to the unknowns that are beyond the five physical senses. The right side of the brain, home of the Intuition, has been tremendously undervalued and in some cases totally ignored. From earliest childhood, most of us were praised and rewarded for performing mental feats involving logic, memory, and other measurable cognitive skills. Our traditionally biased educational system is based on the belief that quantitatively measurable skills are superior to the skill of using the Intuition or imagination which can only be experienced qualitatively. The difficulty is that along with this rational system comes limiting belief systems such as: trial-and-error, "seeing is believing", cause and effect, and logical, step-by-step reasoning. Unfortunately for some, the rational mind has been developed so profoundly that there is no room for any other ideas resulting in limited or no connection with the Intuition. The old approach, "If you can't measure it, see it, hear it, or touch it, it can't possibly exist," is the first belief system to discard if you want to have intuitive success.

The Intuition may sometimes seem elusive to you. This is because the Intuition occurs in a part of the brain that has no language. To successfully access the Intuition, you must use all aspects of the brain. You must realize that both the left and right hemispheres of your brain are always working and that you can think rationally and use your Intuition at the same time. Again, this is not about one side of the brain being better than the other, it is about co-processing. You can learn to allow your left brain to put your intuitive insights into words and/or nerve-muscle actions with the pendulum. Dowsing is the perfect marriage of communication between the two sides of your brain. You have the left side, which loves rational, linear thinking, that wants to know what, when, why, and how-a sort of sophisticated computer. The right side, or intuitive part of the brain does not know how to frame questions. It does not have language skills, only feeling skills. Language skills are the forte of the left brain. In using the Intuition, it is necessary for the left brain to formulate the words of the questioning in a precise and constant form.

In communicating with the Intuition, your accuracy and success is based on one simple guide: your answers will be only as good as your questions. In other words, precisely communicated questions presented to your Intuition can provide you with the information to which your rational mind may not have access, and your rational mind can then put that information from the Intuition into words or actions. It is not as difficult as it sounds, it only takes learning good form and practice.

Establishing communication lines between your rational left brain and intuitive right brain begins with the desire to know. Then, allow your rational mind to frame a good question that can be answered by Yes, No, Maybe. Then work up to accuracy with degrees of Yes and No with percentages (___%).

The Pendulum

The pendulum is one of the oldest, most popular, potentially most rewarding, and historically most misunderstood of all tools used by the Intuition. More than any other instrument, it is the one most commonly associated with mystical phenomena, and the occult. There are books that talk about the pendulum as a mysterious device that will lead you to untold fame and fortune, personal fulfillment, and romance. Because of such claims and distortions, you need to remind yourselves that a pendulum is nothing more than an extension of your own personal Intuition. A pendulum, whether it is crystal, wooden, metallic, or plastic, is nothing more than a balanced weight on the end of a string or chain. It does not have a mind of its own nor is it a part of anyone elses influence unless the dowser uses poor pendulum form, which will be discussed later. The pendulum is nothing more than a device that gives your Intuition a language with which to communicate. It does this through micro-movements of the fingers or hand which are an extension of you, the pendulist. Any response shown by a pendulum comes from you, through you, using your intuitive ability and desire to be receptive. You are the one in charge of this skill.

Often we hear people talking about their pendulum giving them the answers as though the pendulum is "picking up" information, or has some degree of mysterious independent intelligence. The pendulum does nothing in and of itself. We need to remind ourselves from time to time that it is our mind, the Intuition and the Infinite source (however you may perceive that to be), which is supplying the answers. We are all interconnected, as though on a gigantic "party line," which explains our ability to get in touch with our Source.

Pendulum Types

A pendulum is a small weight suspended from a chain or string, preferably about 3 to 6 inches in length. The types of pendulums vary immensely, and the various styles have different qualities due to their shape, weight, mass, and size. Some have a fast action because of their light weight and small size. Others have slow movement because of their heavy weight , and do well in windy conditions. A pendulum can be made of almost any substance. Many objects work well, including lead crystal, quartz crystal, wood, plastic, and wooden plumb bobs. Frequently, pendulums are designed with the lower half of the pendulum serving as a kind of pointer. This is helpful when using pendulum charts, because they show degrees of difference which a pointed pendulum can indicate.

The most important factor is that in order to work well, the pendulum needs to have a weight at the end that is centered and balanced so that it can swing freely in all directions free from any built-in directional influence, a "catch," a natural pull one direction or another due to the way it is constructed. Find a pendulum that feels comfortable for you. Remember, its purpose is to assist you in externalizing your Intuition; it is not the source of your answers.

When searching for a particular substance such as water, gold, silver, oil, etc., a special type of pendulum with a screw top and a hollowed-out inside can be used. This type of pendulum serves as a receptacle for a sample or witness of the substance or object of your search. Additional information on how sample or witness pendulums work is discussed later on in this chapter.

Ways of the Pendulum

There are three basic ways in which to use the pendulum:
1. The pendulum is held directly over an object or body and the questions asked concern the object or body.
2.The pendulum is held over an object (like food) or over a remedy and questions asked regarding the object's benefit to yourself or another..
3.A screw top sample pendulum is used to dowse for a like substance. The substance is placed inside the pendulum as a sample or witness .
4.The "Witness Method" makes it possible to work on testing objects, substances, or measuring variables for yourself or someone else by means of samples of maps, photos, diagrams and/or Pendulum Charts. The "Witness Method" makes it possible to work on testing substances or measuring variables for yourself or someone else by the use of samples, maps, photos, diagrams and/or Pendulum Charts. (See Pendulum Applications and Distant Dowsing for further details).

The Witness or Sample pendulum is constructed with a hollow section so that the "witness" or sample can be placed inside. Witness items can be samples of water, herbs, flower essences, vitamins, minerals, oil, gold, or a fragment of anything approximating the object of one's inquiry. If one is looking for gold, for example, a gold object or nugget inserted into the pendulum cavity will aid in the dowsing quest.
A "sample" is an object or substance related to the object of the search. It is an item associated with the place, person, object or thing sought: such as part of the actual treasure or a sample ore specimen previously found at the probable mining site. In the case of a person, the sample can be a lock of his/her hair, a bit of fingernail, or an article of jewelry or clothing. When a pet has wandered away, the animal's hair, a collar, or the pet's toy will suffice.
The witness or sample functions in accordance with the ancient laws of sympathetic attraction (like attracts like). Remote locating through sympathetic attraction relates closely to the phenomenon of psychometry, a method used for gathering information about and from the object in question. Psychometry relies on the memory thought form held within the object itself. Most people who do psychometry believe that objects still maintain mental, physical, and environmental memory thought forms that can be accessed by our intuitive mind and then relayed to the conscious mind. The psychometrist attempts to determine the object's appropriate frequency or resonance through inward, mental visualization. This activity is similar to viewing a TV or movie within one's mind with your eyes closed. Once the appropriate frequency or resonance is attuned to, one is often able to see the whole picture of the person, place or event connected with the particular object. Amazing case studies have validated psychometry as having scientific value. The relatively new scientific study of psychic archeology is developing with dowsers, psychometrists, and mediums contributing to successful archaeological explorations.

Choosing a Pendulum

Choosing a pendulum may be your first opportunity to trust in that aspect of the Intuition that truly wants that which is most beneficial for you. Allow your inner feeling to make the proper choice. This inner feeling may come in various subtle forms; such as feeling drawn to a particular material, color, texture or weight because it feels good, or one may catch your eye through first impressions. One may just feel good to hold in your hand, or one may give you a feeling of ease or feel comfortable. We all have the ability to feel these subtle feelings, it is just a matter of being a little out of practice in acknowledging them. The only thing that is really important is that you believe that the pendulum you choose will work for your "highest and greatest benefit."

When you choose a pendulum, you want it to be appropriate for yourself and for the particular dowsing work that you may do. Consequently, you may choose a pendulum with the added features of a quartz crystal, a witness cup, pointer, and/or precision balance. Keep in mind that the pendulum you choose most likely will not be your one and only. Some people find that different pendulums for different applications seem most appropriate. Many pendulist seem to have a variety of pendulums with favorites that are used for various jobs or subject matters. The best guide of all in choosing a pendulum is what feels good to you.

Experiment with the string or chain to find the most comfortable length that works for you. Typically, the shorter the string, the faster the action. A heavier weight, however, requires a longer string. Large, heavy pendulums produce less erratic movement while walking. However, you must walk considerably more slowly when using a large pendulum. This gives the instrument time to overcome inertia, and to change directions; otherwise you may find yourself walking over, or past the energy field emanating from the object of the search.

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The PENDULUM Bridge to Infinite KNOWING
Table of Contents

• Note from the Author (v)
• Introduction (ix)
Chapter 1
• The Science and Art of the Pendulum (1)
• The Brain ­ the Intuition (3)
• The Pendulum (5)
• Pendulum Types (6)
• Ways of the Pendulum (8)
• Choosing a Pendulum (8)

Chapter 2
• Pendulum Language (11)
• Pendulum Attunement & Language Development (12)
• Pendulum Language Techniques (14)
• Number Priority (21)
• Alphabet Mode (23)
• Pendulum Language for Checking Objects (24)
• First Exercise: checking for Direction and Polarity (25)
• Second Exercise: checking for Accuracy (25)
• Third Exercise: check for Self-Tuning orSensitivity (26)
• Forth Exercise: check for Direction (27)

Chapter 3
• Successful Form (31)
• How Dowsing works (31)
• Communication Skills: Forming Questions (32)
• Subtle Sensing (40)
• New Communication (40)
• Mind Preparation (42)

Chapter 4
• Emotional and Mental Interference (47)
• Successful Dowsing Form (51)

Chapter 5
• Self Mastery (53)
• Mastery of the Breath (53)
• First Breath Technique for Emotional and Mental Balance (56)
• Second Breath Technique for Balancing and Meditiation (57)
• Micro & Pulsed Breath (58)
• Micro-Breath Technique (60)
• The Pulsed Breath (61)
• Clearing and Balancing Techniques (62)

Chapter 6
• Pendulum Applications (65)
• Finding Direction Method (67)
• Locating Find Points (69)
• Defining Depth (71)
• Pendulum Applications:
◦ Water (72)
◦ Testing water (73)
◦ Water Purity Test (75)
◦ Finding Water Practice (75)
◦ Calibrating the Mind with the Intuition (78)
◦ Food Testing (79)
◦ Quantity & Time (83)
◦ Analysis of the Human Body (85)
◦ Fertility Cycle (86)
◦ Sex Determination (87)
◦ Animal Analysis (88)
◦ Agriculture Analysis (88)
◦ Soil Test (89)
◦ Soil Nutrient Balance Test (90)
◦ Automobiles (91)
◦ Automobile Exercise 1 (91)
◦ Automobile Trouble-Shooting Exercise 2 (92)
◦ Preventative Automobile Maintenance Exercise 3 (93)
◦ Hazards Detection (94)
◦ Noxious Radiations (94)
◦ Electro-Magnetic Test (96)
◦ Checical Health Hazards (98)
◦ Business (99)
◦ Business Decisions (99)
◦ Treasure (102)
◦ Finding Treasure (102)

Chapter 7
• Pendulum Charts (105)
• Master Chart (106)
• Pendulum Language (107)
• Yes/No Chart (107)
• Percentage & Probability (108)
• Alphabet-Numerical (109)
• Directions-Degrees-Depth (110)
• Personal Motivators (112)
• Relationship Compatibility (113)
• Time Factor (116)
• Quantity Factor (116)
• Plant-Soil (117)
• Holistic Health Charts (117)
• Condition (117)
• Source of Condition (118)
• Origin of the Dis-ease (119)
• Healing Remedies (119)
• Systems of the Body (121)
• Glandular Systems (121)
• Chakra System (122)
• Color Radiation & Color Need (123)
• Nutrition & Allergies (124)
• Food Supplements (125)
• Vitamin Chart (125)
• Minerals & Elements (127)
• Tissue Salts (127)
• Metals (128)
• Gemstones & Quartz Crystal Gemstones (129)
• Blank Charts (130)

Chapter 8
• Distance & Map Dowsing (133)
• Thought Forms (134)
• Distant Dowsing Preparation (140)
• Problem Solving-House (146)
• House Inventory (147)
• Dowsing Photographs (151)
• Locating Loved Ones (152)
• Missing Person Search (153)

Chapter 9
• Challenges to Successful Form (157)
• Dowsing Inventory of Jeopardy Influence (158)
• Accessibility to the Intuition (162)
• Solutions (164)
• The Identification Keys (165)
• Errors Due to Procedure (168)

Chapter 10
• What You Can Learn From Others (171)
• Pendulum Dowsers Questionnaire (172)
• The Questionnaire Gems (182)
◦ Conclusion (185)
◦ Bibliography (197)

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