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Learn to bridge the gap between
your mind and your intuition.

Learn how to accurately access and develop your intuitive problem solving and intuitive decision making skills for everyday life’s challenges.

Learn intuitive readings training with: health solutions intuitive healing; questions with relationships, money issues, pets; life changes with location-career-house; intuitive decision making in business…

Our intuitive solutions books provide a very safe, practical, and effective foundation for developing your intuitive problem solving and intuitive decision making skills.

Intuitive solutions guidebooks:.

• Pendulums
• Muscle Testing
• Creative Imagination
• Chance Encounters
• First Impressions
• Subtle-Sensing
• Dowsing Rods
• Synchronicity
• Gut Feelings
• Hunches
• Dreams

These are skills that we all can
learn with practice.


Knowing Your Intuitive Mind

The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing

The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book

The Pendulum Charts Volume 1

The Pendulum Charts Volume 2:

The Intuitive Healer's Manual


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