Dowsing Divining Rods

Dowsing Divining Rods
• Brass L-Rods • Copper L-Rods •
• Aurameter •
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Perfectly balanced, smooth action with extraordinary response!

Learn to see beyond your five physical senses and
access your natural intuitive abilities.


Test: foods, vitamins, food supplements, remedies
which are good for you and to what degree
they will be of benefit.

Find: lost objects, buried treasure, underground
water and electric lines, water, gold....

Measure: distance of harmful rays from television,
microwave, leylines, powerlines...


Learn how to use dowsing rods to measure your Auric
energy field and Chakra balance of yourself and for
others with instant results of the effectiveness
for an applied therapy or remedy.

See Knowing Your Intuitive Mind by Dale W. Olson.


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