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Dale W. Olson

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Dale has over 44 years of extensive training and experience in finding intuitive solutions to life's challenges.

Identifying first, the root cause or the very beginning source to your: dis-ease, dis-order, im-balance, dys-function begins the healing process, along with the best intuitive health solution or intuitive problem solving action so that you can take the next right step, today!

He blends a wide variety of both ancient and modern therapies adding specific technologies to find the cause or source behind the symptoms, create a highly effective approach to prevention, and assist in bringing about total well-being.

His background ranges from programming through IBM to a B.A. degree in Psychology, and graduate work through the Universities of Wisconsin, California and Oregon. He is a Mental Health Specialist II, has a Master's in Transformational Therapy, trained in NLP, Vibrational Medicine and is a Reiki Master.

He is an ordained minister and has studied with some of the great: scientific minds, teachers, healers, and inventors of our time.

Dale has dedicated his life to the expression of whole-hearted living, expansion of consciousness, and the further upliftment to All.

"As long as we are breathing, there are always solutions and
finding our next right step for today is all we need to do."
Dale W. Olson

Sessions with Dale Olson:

"This is Your Life" • "What's Going On" 

Symptoms of the Body •"Where to from Here"

"Matters of the Heart (Relationships)" 

Check Potential Mate Compatibility

Weight Management Solutions 

Life Changes and Transitions

Healing the Inner Child 

Getting a 2nd Opinion

Business Decisions

Financial Solutions

Teaching Sessions

Help with Your Pet

Childhood Imprints

Childhood Trauma

Location Changes

Career Changes

Adult Trauma

The Doctors of the future will give no medicine but will interest
their patients in the cause and prevention of disease.
.....Thomas Edison.....

Painful life experiences can create states of anxiety, anger or depression.
These states, when unresolved, can often leave one feeling overwhelmed because the mind as well as the body becomes a storehouse of old traumas or circumstances.
These are then translated into deeply-held core beliefs which, while the process is largely unconscious, may manifest in less than positive outcomes in one's life.
In turn, these unresolved experiences can manifest as less than positive symptoms, dis-ease......

With Knowing the Healing Begins

The beginning of the healing process is to first know to what degree unresolved experiences or issues are still resonating within the energetics of the body; to find the beginning point of the trauma or issue; to determine contributing factors or people involved in the experience and to determine what the clients may unconsciously be telling themselves.
This information can be tremendously valuable in finding the most appropriate strategy or healing modality for the client.
This wholistic approach can save years of a trial-and-error approach and/or guessing as to the emotional cause behind the symptoms.
Finding a wholistic resolution to that which has been preventing one from having the well being that they deserve is the next step.


"This Is Your Life program" (Complete life inventory:
• clients submits an outline of all the traumas (physical, mental, and emotional) that they have been through.
Dale, with the assistance of the clients' guides, angels and ascended masters can determine to what degree those experiences have been resolved or not and where within the body (imprints, chakras, energetics) those unresolved experiences or issues remain.
To clear those unresolved issues is preventative maintenance or prevention.

"This Is Your Life" program pre-session client self questionnaire:
• Complete outline of all physical, mental or emotional traumas that one has experienced throughout their life.
• List all forms of therapy presently in use or under consideration.
• List all vitamins, minerals, supplements, and medications.
• List all concerns needing attention.
• List all symptoms experienced.
• List any blocks in memory.

Required photo of client with no other people or animals in the photo.

Prepayment by Money Order, Visa/Mastercard ($100./hr).

A session with Dale is done via telephone and/or taped session.

Appointments can usually be made within one to two weeks prior to session.

Full charge for missed sessions.
If you need to reschedule, we must have a 24 hour notice prior to session.

Sessions are scheduled between the hours of 10:00 am to 2:00 pm,
Monday-Friday, Pacific Coast, USA Time.

Dale can be contacted at

For setting up telephone appointments you can
contact Judith at: Telephone #541-683-8418
between the hours of 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday, Wednesday, PT Pacific Coast, USA Time.
Or write: Dale Olson.......PO Box 2088.......Eugene, OR 97402 USA

It is my agreement with the AMA that I do not diagnose and that I work as a guide or adjunct to a primary care physician. Within this frame-work, we can determine what may be the most effective approach to one's self improvement.

Clients Comments

Dale's consummate skills are brought to bear in a seemingly endless
repertoire of healing modalities. I am convinced that his work with
me helped not only to clear years of debilitating dysfunction, but
also to prevent new ones from occurring.  Rev. Dr. Kalani Goins.........Eugene, OR

Dale uses his heart, mind and all of his senses to identify and release
core emotional issues that burden everyone's lives. I was surprised to
uncover and delighted to release core issues in myself despite hundreds
of hours of other therapies. I have had deep and lasting results.

Christine Weintraub MSW.......B.C. Canada

It has been more than just a rewarding experience, it's been a life saver.
So Thank You for your work.   Mrs. Ronald Fuller.......Uttar Pradesh India

I just wanted to say Thanks for saving my daughters life. It sure has
changed my life and many others for the better.
Thank you from all of us.    Yana Freeman CCHt

A poem for Dale Olson:

I came to you in desperation,
tossed to and fro between the winds
of false prophets, manmade doctrines,
and organized religions.

I came to you in desperation,
knowing that all I did was hurt myself
against the rocks of indifference, judgement,
and intolerance.

I came to you in desperation,
and you opened your door to me--
a door of gentle acceptance,
kind understanding, and loving peace.

I came to you in desperation
and, in one instant,
you validated my whole life
and my reason for being here.

I came to you in desperation,
and in a timeless manner
you held a mirror to my soul
and showed me who I truly am.

And now I come to you in joyful appreciation
--filled with inner-strength and peace--
to thank you, my dearest friend,
for the great gift you've given me.

--Jacqueline Gabriel, 23 October, 2000

If you have comments that you would like to add regarding
sessions that you have had with Dale Olson,
please let us know.


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