Pendulum Charts


The Pendulum Charts are a pendulum dowsing divination chart system that opens the way for you to bridge the gap between your mind and your intuition.

Learn how to use a pendulum and how to use pendulum charts to accurately answer questions with intuitive health solutions, relationships, pets, money, career, location, business… solutions for all parts of your life. For everyday intuitive problem solving and intuitive decision making with all of life’s challenges.

The pendulum charts volume 1 & 2, with they’re volumes of information, knowledge and wisdom, allows your intuition to bring forth intuitive problem solving and intuitive solutions in order to make better choices and decisions.

Knowing how to form and flow your questions is truly the art and science of getting accurate answers. Your answers will Only be as good as your questions. The pendulum charts are an extraordinary help with keeping your questions clear, precise, consistent, and neutral.  Most importantly, the pendulum charts are of incredible value with it's volumes of information, knowledge, and wisdom on every chart. This will allow you to ask questions and receive intuitive solutions that you may not have thought of otherwise.

The pendulum charts is a divination system that will help guide you on a journey of self discovery through all parts of your life that may be in question.

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50 pendulum charts:
The Pendulum Charts volume 1
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The Pendulum Charts volume 2: The Intuitive Healer's Manual
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The 33rd print of The PENDULUM Charts
Completely updated plus New Charts


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