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Our dowsing, divination pendulums are chosen for their extraordinary balance, responsiveness, and energy.

These pendulums are also the best dowsing divination pendulums for working with The Pendulum Charts...And, all forms of the Healing Arts. 

We offer the very best dowsing divination pendulums for sale: Quartz Crystal, Crystals, Gemstones, Brass, Gold, Stainless Steel, Silver, Wood dowsing divination pendulums. 

Many of our pendulums, settings, and chains are made with Stainless Steel. It is an extremely strong metal that is neutral in frequency, energetically reflects negativity...And, will always remain shiny and bright. 

Many of our dowsing divination pendulums come with a Chamber as a bonus feature. A Chamber or "Witness Chamber" is a pendulum with an internal chamber to hold a sample of that which one is seeking to find, or a small piece of paper with a sacred symbol, a blessing, essential oil, sacred water...

Knowing Your Intuitive Mind

The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing
The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book
The Pendulum Charts volume 1: Knowing Your Intuitive Mind
The Pendulum Charts volume 2: The Intuitive Healers Manual

From beginning to mastery levels, these books and pendulum charts are here to assist you with your Intuitive skills development... starting with choosing a pendulum best suited for your needs, learning a solid foundation for accurate pendulum dowsing divination, and knowing how to effectively use the Pendulum Charts for Intuitive solutions with everyday challenges...

All of our pendulums are cleansed, cleared, and energized with love, expanded consciousness, inspired insight, and blessings of well-being.

We are here to assist in your intuitive skills development and success.
                   the getIntuitive Team!



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