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PENDULUM Dowsing Shop

Finest PENDULUMS Worldwide

Our dowsing, divination pendulums are produced or chosen
for their extraordinary balance, responsiveness, and energy.

These dowsing pendulums are also chosen to be the best
divination pendulums for working with The Pendulum
Charts...And, all forms of the Healing Arts. 
We offer the very best dowsing pendulums for sale:
Quartz crystal, brass, stainless steel, gemstone,
wood, silver and, gold dowsing pendulums.
All of our pendulums are cleansed, cleared, and
energized with love, expanded consciousness,
inspired insight, and blessings of well-being.

We are here to assist in your intuitive skills
development and success.
Dale W. Olson


See The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing and
Knowing Your Intuitive Mind by Dale W. Olson
to assist you in choosing a pendulum best suited for
your needs, learning good pendulum dowsing
techniques, and how to effectively use
the Pendulum Charts.