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PENDULUM Bridge to Infinite Knowing

~~ eBook ~~
by Dale W. Olson

ISBN #978-1-8790246-089 203 pages
Quality perfect bound soft cover book

Beginning to Mastery Pendulum Dowsing
Divining Instructions

The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing:
A bridge in learning how to access your intuitive abilities
through ancient and modern pendulum divining technologies.

The pendulum is nothing more then the ways and means for
your intuition to have a language to be able to consciously
communicate through.

This pendulum divination guidebook provides a safe, practical,
and effective foundation for developing your intuitive
problem-solving skills for health, relationships, pets,
wealth, business, house, car....all parts of life.

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Learning how to access your whole brain's potential
will allow you to tap into infinite information, knowledge,
and wisdom. Using these pendulum divining techniques with the
intuition is a skill that you can easily learn and develop.

Learn how to develop a good foundation and effectively use
your intuition with hundreds of pendulum divining techniques,
applications and the Pendulum Charts for all aspects of
everyday decision-making and intuitive problem-solving.

Practice effective pendulum divination techniques
for intuitive problem-solving.

• Develop accurate and practical decision-making skills

• Experience increased self awareness, self-help skills,
and well-being.

Divine the right foods, diet, vitamins, minerals,supplements,
remedies, careers, teachers, doctors, therapists, locations
to live, the right house, car, job, where to go from here...

Dowsing lost objects, missing people or pets, buried treasure,
valuables, gold, underground water, minerals, oil...

Divine the best business decisions, consumer choices, career
moves, food and water purity test, house inventory & analysis,
auto diagnostics...

Divine the complete analysis of the physical, mental, emotional
and etheric bodies of yourself and others, including origin and
cause of disorder with human, plant or animal...

Table of Contents
Note from the Author (v)

Introduction (ix)

The Science and Art of the Pendulum (1)

The Brain ? the Intuition (3)

The Pendulum (5)

Pendulum Types (6)

Ways of the Pendulum (8)

Choosing a Pendulum (8)

Pendulum Language (11)

Pendulum Attunement & Language Development (12)

Pendulum Language Techniques (14)

Number Priority (21)

Alphabet Mode (23)

Pendulum Language for Checking Objects (24)

First Exercise: checking for Direction and Polarity (25)

Second Exercise: checking for Accuracy (25)

Third Exercise: check for Self-Tuning or Sensitivity (26)

Fourth Exercise: check for Direction (27)

Successful Form (31)

How Dowsing works (31)

Communication Skills: Forming Questions (32)

Subtle Sensing (40)

New Communication (40)

Mind Preparation (42)

Emotional and Mental Interference (47)

Successful Dowsing Form (51)

Self Mastery (53)

Mastery of the Breath (53)

First Breath Technique for Emotional and Mental Balance (56)

Second Breath Technique for Balancing and Meditation (57)

Micro & Pulsed Breath (58)

Micro-Breath Technique (60)

The Pulsed Breath (61)

Clearing and Balancing Techniques (62)

Pendulum Applications (65)

Finding Direction Method (67)

Locating Find Points (69)

Defining Depth (71)

Pendulum Applications:

Water (72)

Testing water (73)

Water Purity Test (75)

Finding Water Practice (75)

Calibrating the Mind with the Intuition (78)

Food Testing (79)

Quantity & Time (83)

Analysis of the Human Body (85)

Fertility Cycle (86)

Sex Determination (87)

Animal Analysis (88)

Agriculture Analysis (88)

Soil Test (89)

Soil Nutrient Balance Test (90)

Automobiles (91)

Automobile Exercise 1 (91)

Automobile Trouble-Shooting Exercise 2 (92)

Preventative Automobile Maintenance Exercise 3 (93)

Hazards Detection (94)

Noxious Radiations (94)

Electro-Magnetic Test (96)

Chemical Health Hazards (98)

Business (99)

Business Decisions (99)

Treasure (102)

Finding Treasure (102)

Pendulum Charts (105)

Master Chart (106)

Pendulum Language (107)

Yes/No Chart (107)

Percentage & Probability (108)

Alphabet-Numerical (109)

Directions-Degrees-Depth (110)

Personal Motivators (112)

Relationship Compatibility (113)

Time Factor (116)

Quantity Factor (116)

Plant-Soil (117)

Holistic Health Charts (117)

Condition (117)

Source of Condition (118)

Origin of the Dis-ease (119)

Healing Remedies (119)

Systems of the Body (121)

Glandular Systems (121)

Chakra System (122)

Color Radiation & Color Need (123)

Nutrition & Allergies (124)

Food Supplements (125)

Vitamin Chart (125)

Minerals & Elements (127)

Tissue Salts (127)

Metals (128)

Gemstones & Quartz Crystal Gemstones (129)

Blank Charts (130)

Distance & Map Dowsing (133)

Thought Forms (134)

Distant Dowsing Preparation (140)

Problem Solving-House (146)

House Inventory (147)

Dowsing Photographs (151)

Locating Loved Ones (152)

Missing Person Search (153)

Challenges to Successful Form (157)

Dowsing Inventory of Jeopardy Influence (158)

Solutions (164)

The Identification Keys (165)

Errors Due to Procedure (168)

What You Can Learn From Others (171)
I have been working on developing my intuition for problem-solving health problems. Since I prefer natural health remedies, I felt I needed some direction. There are so many schools of thought, so many vitamins, herbs, etc. that I didn't know where to begin. After borrowing a friends pendulum charts, and using them with great results, I ordered my own set along with your "Bridge" book. I am experiencing much success and relief at finally knowing that all my answers are already within me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Holly"......Lewistown, MT USA

I have read your book "Bridge...." at least 20 times and hi-lited it with six colors on almost every page. This wealth of information has inspired me to collect 27 other pendulum books (some rare). But I still keep returning to "The Pendulum Bridge..." as it is the greatest of them all. Bar none, the finest pendulum and intuition book ever written. I am spreading the word about pendulum dowsing and ALWAYS tell folks to quit wasting time and go for "The Pendulum Bridge..." and quit wasting time with lukewarm info sources. When's the next Book? THANKS AGAIN!!!               Eugene, GA USA
Dale, keep up the good work! Dale's written the best set of pendulum divining books I have found. THANK YOU forever!!!

FASCINATING!, after reading your book, in 10 days I am using my pendulum in all aspects of my life successfully. I am hungry for more in depth knowledge, keep writing!

Farhat........Toronto, Canada
Your pendulum divination skills can help you
save time and money, create more success,
and well-being.

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