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      Egyptian Gold Merkhet Chamber*

            Pendulum Dowsing rbc        

This is a heavy brass chamber* Egyptian Merkhet dowisng divination pendulum… solid brass 2+1/16“inch long x 9/16“ inch diameter, and weighs 38 grams. 

Quality 7" vibration-free Bead Chain and a Gold end ring.

Heavy weight…good for walking outdoors and will work in windy conditions…good feel, fine balance....superb response.

From the dawn of the Egyptian culture comes pendulums called a "Merkhet," (meaning "Instrument of Knowing"), The shape and symbol of this pendulum represent the bridging of heaven and earth, spirit and mater for the ancient Egyptian civilization.

May this ancient instrument of Knowing inspire your heart and mind to the Infinite Wisdom.

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*Witness Chamber= a pendulum with an internal chamber to hold a sample of that which you are seeking to find, or a small piece of paper with a sacred symbol, a blessing, essential oil, sacred water

Don’t forget a pendulum pouch to keep your pendulum from getting broken or lost.

All of our pendulums are cleansed, cleared, and energized with love, expanded consciousness, inspired insight, and well-being.

See the pendulum instruction books below to learn how to use a pendulum from beginning to mastery levels.

Knowing how to choose, cleanse, clear, and energize your pendulum is an important piece in maintaining your pendulum for optimum performance.

See: Knowing Your Intuitive Mind | Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing | Pendulum Instruction Charts Book
PC1: Knowing Your Intuitive Mind Pendulum Charts
PC2 The Intuitive Healers Manual Pendulum Charts

            We are here to assist in your intuitive skills success.
                                  the getIntuitive Team!

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